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In the nineteenth century French art
In the second half of the 18th century the French Revolution swept through Europe since the world has witnessed dramatic changes in the revolution smashed thousands of years of tradition and concept of blind faith in authority, so that the liberation of thinking and personality are respected, as well as the promotion of science and technology Development and social progress. An unprecedented development, innovation and experimentation of a new era! This new era, the concept of art to change the update, people began to pay attention in the past few talk about the style and the pursuit of different styles to form a new situation in the school of the arts scene. In the past art depicting the subject matter limited to the religious content of the story of ancient myth, or customs, like portrait. New age artists feel free unprecedented, and started to be able to arouse any interest or imagine things portrayed as objects of art creation and content of the subject matter greatly expanded. The Abstract painting status of artists in the new era has changed. In the past the artist or the Church always orders from the court, never been out of the craftsmen. New age artists have been regarded as an independent personality of a genius! Their emotional temperament and an extraordinary. Academy of Fine Arts and the official start of the annual exhibition of artists created works of art through the exhibition so that attracted attention, to find customers to buy, so that works of art market. With the development of natural science, people of color light and in-depth study, as well as China, Japan and other Oriental art of the introduction of the new visual language arts and aesthetic features have been unprecedented attention. As a result, the new classicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism and other art movements and trends of thought have been produced, will be the development of European art to a climax. If you stand to imitate the realistic point of view the development of the arts, ancient Greece can be seen as the first climax of Renaissance Italy is the second climax of the 19th century because the law center's art movement can be referred to as Europe's third Arts Development High tide.
The upsurge in the arts, art schools or ideas of their own although the main features of all kinds and we have to be distinguished. But sometimes they are intertwined, to bring some common features of the new era, the show is different from the new tendency in the past. As long as we understand this point, we do not have time to learn too rigidly, and these factions divided. For example, neo-classical and romantic, realism and impressionism, and sometimes they do not have anything obvious limits, you often have in me, I have you.

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